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Sherry  (Name has been changed to protect patient’s privacy) came to us with her problem. She was obese and weighted over 278 pounds. She recently lost her job because she could not take her clients out for dinner. Why? One because she was to tired because of her weight, she could not fit in the dining booth many a times and was plain embarrassed to hang out with clients. She had tried so many different diet shakes, powder, packaged foods which worked initially but then she gained all her weight back. And even MORE! She was utterly disappointed and discouraged. She had wasted thousands of dollars on weight loss remedies which did not work or worked for a short time. She thought she will never be able to lose weight.

She wanted her life back. She wanted to lose weight but did not know how. That is when she came to us. When Dr. Nwe evaluated her she found that she was doing so many things wrong and sabotaging her own weight. The Yo Yo dieting she was on was doing nothing but discouraging her to try again. But this time Sherry was determined to do it the right way. She took the SlimPlate System Challenge. And everything changed….

In the next three months Sherry lost 45 lbs using the SlimPlate System protocol. She felt more confident, more energetic and motivated. She even got a new job. She called Dr. Nwe over the phone happy, excited and tearful. She loved the fact that she not only lost weight but was eating healthy with no hunger pangs or tasteless food. She was eating her own food she loved to eat. SlimPlate System had changed her life and this time she knew she will keep it off because she love the way SlimPlate System made her eat. There was no need to stop eating that way, so she can stick to the right way of eating forever and keep off the lost weight.

  • Have you ever lost weight only to gain it back?
  • Have you ever lost weight and on the day of the party you get on the scale and say “Oh No!”?
  • Have you ever said to yourself – “I cannot lose weight :( ” ?

Do you feel the same way? Have you tried many different diets and methods only to gain your weight back? Have you ever felt that you will never be able to lose weight and keep it off?

What if we could change all of that for you?

Weight Loss Doctor Created Solution

Both Dr. Nwe and Dr. Grewal, the creator of SlimPlate System have dedicated their lives to found out permanent solution for weight loss. When their patients suffered, they suffered. They realized early on, that there are three requirements for a weight loss plan to be successful long term. Those requirements are:

  • Easy To Do: If a weight loss plan is not easy to do, it cannot be sustained and rebound weight gain cannot be avoided .
  • Allows Real Food: You can eat protein bars, shakes, packaged diet foods only for so long. They never taste as good as real food that is why any diet which takes you away from real food will only fail.
  • Forms Good Habits: Any diet that does not help you form good eating habits will fail because when you stop the diet the weight will come back.

The two doctors dedicated their lives to find the ideal weight loss solution based on their three criteria. Through their research they came up with SlimPlate System, a step portion control method of weight loss. The protocol was such a huge success in their weight loss clinic that the doctors decided to make it available for everyone. Thats how SlimPlate System came became the weight loss kit in a box. Now it is helping many lose weight all over the country.

SlimPlate System is DIFFERENT from other portion control plates in the market. Portion control plates that you buy are only for healthy eating. But SlimPlate System is specifically designed to lose weight. Moreover, the SlimPlate System has series of four plates to take the user through four stages of weight loss. Each stage lasts about one month and changes the ratio of proteins, starch and carbs to optimize weight loss.

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Weight Loss Research based on SlimPlate System method was presented to the American Society of Bariatric Medicine (ASBP) Annual Conference 2012 in Orlando.

SlimPlate System has been featured in many television and talk shows and in other media.

  • Eat Your Own Food

    SlimPlate System allows you to use your own food. Yes REAL food. So you will never be eating tasteless diet foods. And you can eat the same food rest of the family is eating. No need to cook separately for yourself.

  • Eat 5 Times a Day

    Yes! You will never go hungry. SlimPlate System encourages you to eat right which means breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks. It cannot get easier than that.

  • Save Money!

    Diets based on foods and shakes make you buy them every week and every month and it adds up to thousands of dollars over a year. SlimPlate System is a one time investment and with all the bonuses worth way more than its original price. You will save a lot of money over the long run.


“The Longer You Wait To Get Started… The Longer it will Take For You To See Weight Loss Results!”

You will also have access to Live Weight Loss Coach you can consult with as you go! Imagine you can pick up the phone and call your weight loss coach about any question you may have instead of wasting time searching the right answer online. This bonus is worth thousands by itself. And you get it FREE if you order now. This is a special launch offer and may not be available in the future.

There are more FREE bonuses you will have access to:

  • Community Support

    You can join our Facebook page and interact with others using SlimPlate System and losing weight to discuss and get encouragement. It is good not to be doing it alone.

  • Weight Loss Tips

    You will have access to weight loss tips straight from Board Certified Weight loss Doctors through their blog and twitter. They will give you great advice to lose weight and keep it off and you will be able to separate myth from the real deal.

  • Exercise Videos

    You will also have access to free exercise videos and routines you can do it from comfort of your home to boost your weight loss efforts and get a nice toned body.

  • SlimPlate System App

    Download our SlimPlate System App, available for both iPhone and Anroid phones. It has tips to lose weight and a Body Mass Index Calculator as well as meal time scheduler and healthy eating options.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee. No Questions Asked.

We are so confident that you will love SlimPlate System and its Results that if you do not like it for any reason, you can return the SlimPlate System to us with all original packing and we will refund you the money you paid for the SlimPlate System. So you have nothing to lose!

P.S. : You have nothing to lose. We are so confident that if you are not amazed by the results you can return your SlimPlate System within 30 days and get your money back.


P.S.S: Did you know the daily diet foods to buy cost hundreds to thousands of dollars over time? With SlimPlate System you can save all that money because it lets you eat your own food.